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#Ethiopia :- unexpected question for Ato Gedu From Gendewuha Residents ethiopia today news Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) is an Ethiopian military-run corporation, which established in 2010. It is the largest industrial complex in Ethiopia and responsible for the production of military equipment and civilian products. METEC works with foreign companies such as Alstom from France, and Spire Corporation from America. METEC was once responsible for constructing the $4 billion dam project on the River Nile, expected to be Africa’s biggest hydroelectric project, but was ousted from the contract in August. Kinfe Dagnew, a Brigadier General in Ethiopia’s army and former chief executive of METEC plays a significantrole the organization. The company was assigned development of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and sugar factory, as well as well as the Jinka Sugar Bag factory. On November 12, 2018, all assigned project canceled due to fail to complete, and government arrested Kinfe Dagnew, CEO of METEC, after a trial to escape through Sudan, where he was captured by Defence force. Kinfe Dagnew arrived in helicopter to Addis Ababa. In April 2018, Kinfe Dagnew resigned the company after serving entire eight years, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took the Tigrean People's Liberation Front power. The company remained unknown when it was operated by TPLF. In June, parliamentary committee founded that METEC squandered hundreds of machinery products worthing 326.4 million dollars without study of the market. Sources say that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia squandered 2.8 million dollars without completion of sugar projects, and revealed the company borrowed 436 million dollars. On November 12, 2018, The Chief executive officer, Kinfe Dagnew, was attempting for escape through Sudan border. Upon arrival on the area, several Defence forces stopped and arrested him. He was founded with an empty briefcase believed to be illegally transport goods. Shortly after hours, a yellow private helicopter dispatched to handle the officers and the general; which brought him in the municipal city in Addis Ababa. 40 the company's officials were detained after they called for meeting in Imperial Hotel, Gerji, Addis Ababa. Some newspapers quoted that they were transferred to Addis Ababa Police Commission; they temporarily jailed by Federal

Egyptian president, Abdel Fattah el Sisi concluded a joint press conference with his Ethiopian counterpart by seeking the strongest reassurance concerning the latter’s dam project on the Nile. Talks over the Grand Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia’s $4 billion hydroelectric project, have been deadlocked for months. Ethiopia’s prime minister, Abiy Ahmed was in Egypt for a two day state visit to conclude the resolution of the dispute over the Nile project, following the establishment of a joint scientific committee to handle the matter last month. displayAdvert("mpu_3") We will take care of the Nile and we will preserve your share and we will work to increase this quota and President Sisi and I will work on this. At the end of talks, the two leaders held a news conference, where Sisi asked Ahmed to swear to God before the Egyptian people that he will not hurt Egypt’s share of the Nile. “I swear to God, we will never harm you,” Ahmed repeated the words in Arabic after Sisi, who thanked him for releasing jailed Ethiopians. The two leaders signalled their commitment to mutually benefiting from the Nile’s waters and cooperate in other projects. “We have come a long

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