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Metals and Engineering Corporation (METEC) is an Ethiopian military-run organization, which set up in 2010. It is the greatest mechanical complex in Ethiopia and responsible for the age of military rigging and normal resident things. METEC works with outside associations, for instance, Alstom from France and Spire Corporation from America. 


METEC was once accountable for building up the $4 billion dam adventure on the River Nile, expected to be Africa's most noteworthy hydroelectric endeavor, yet was expelled from the understanding in August. Kinfe Dagnew, a Brigadier General in Ethiopia's military and past CEO of METEC accept an enormous activity in the affiliation. The association was delegated improvement of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and sugar creation line, similarly as the Jinka Sugar Bag handling plant. On November 12, 2018, every single selected undertaking dropped due to failure to complete, and the organization caught Kinfe Dagnew, CEO of METEC, after a starter to escape through Sudan, where he was gotten by Defense control. Kinfe Dagnew met up in a helicopter to Addis Ababa. 


In April 2018, Kinfe Dagnew gave up the association resulting in serving the entire eight years, when Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took the Tigrean People's Liberation Front power. The association remained to darken when it was worked by TPLF. In June, a parliamentary leading group of trustees built up that METEC squandered numerous equipment things worthing 326.4 million dollars without the examination of the market. 


Sources express that the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia squandered 2.8 million dollars without the culmination of sugar broadens, and revealed the association obtained 436 million dollars. On November 12, 2018, The Chief authority, Kinfe Dagnew, was attempting to escape through Sudan's edges. Upon section on the region, a couple of Defense forces stopped and caught him. He was built up with an empty organizer case acknowledged to unlawfully move stock. Not long after night-time, a yellow private helicopter dispatched to manage the authorities and the general; which gained him the common city in Addis Ababa. 40 the association's specialists were kept after they collected for a gathering in Imperial Hotel, Gerji, Addis Ababa. A couple of papers refered to that they were moved to Addis Ababa Police Commission; they quickly detained by Federal Police.


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