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By and by, the tight grasp on power applied for a considerable length of time by the EPRDF did a lot to contain the constitution's possibly radiating power. The decision alliance disheartened independence requests that were seen as destabilizing. It kept territorial state governments on a short rope through its four local segment parties, the Amhara National Democratic Movement (presently the Amhara Democratic Party), the Oromo People's Democratic Organization (presently the Oromo Democratic Party), the Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement (SEPDM) and the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), just as other firmly associated gatherings that run the five different areas. 


In the south, the EPRDF's choices on federalism fuelled discontent, principally among the Sidama. The decision alliance at first made five multi-ethnic southern states in 1992 for a transitional period. At last, be that as it may, it packaged them into one, the Southern Nations, halfway to go about as a stabilizer to the crowded Amhara and Oromia areas. In the meantime, Ethiopia's constitution conceded six ethnic networks provincial expresses that they overwhelmingly command, which carried points of interest to those gatherings, or if nothing else their elites, in enabling them to pick a working language, demand some duties and administer in regions, for example, training, wellbeing and land organization. In this sense, the amalgamation of the southern countries was something of an anomaly and caused hatred among the Sidama, who was the south's biggest ethnic gathering and unquestionably more various than the number of inhabitants in some whole local states. 


Viciousness related with the Sidama's statehood battle has occasionally ejected in Hawassa, an assorted city with a populace of very nearly 400,000 that is developing at around 4.8 percent a year. It is both the capital of Southern Nations provincial state and the managerial focus of Sidama Zone (zones are regulatory sub-units inside districts and in the exceptionally various Southern Nations for the most part have a solitary ethnic character), which sits on the eastern edge of Southern Nations and presumably has marginally in excess of four million occupants. In 2002, police purportedly executed many dissenters on Hawassa's edges during shows against measures expelling the city from Sidama Zone and making it straightforwardly responsible to the territorial government. After four years, at that point Prime Minister Meles Zenawi influenced Si­da­ma pioneers to suspend their quest for a local state after the Sidama zonal chamber voted in favor of a choice on statehood.

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