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The objective and scope of the current paper is to review the historical and legal basis of governance system in Ethiopia with a focus on solving the problems of the current border and ethnic conflict between various regional states

and ethno-linguistic groups in the country due to demarcating territories based on language and ethnicity and to recommend feasible administrative state boundary in order to alleviate the current ethnic based political and boundary conflicts.

Nation building requires in-depth consideration of its history, culture, geography, economic and social conditions and identification of the factors that tie coherently its people and building on the unifying factors to develop trust, love democracy and the rule of law with equal status and dignity of its people.

A nation for the purpose administration can make internal divisions. These divided administrative regions can be autonomous federated or unified territories.

Administering / dividing administrative regions along ethnic, color, appearance or along religion lines are the key destabilizing factors in a country. These factors are non-unifying and disintegrating agents for a nation and needs to be replaced with other unifying factors that would enable a nation peaceful development.

A region is essentially a part of the land surface of the earth. In the geographical literature regions are defined in three ways as, uniform, functional and administrative areas.

Regionalism is a sub-nationalism and political concept and it is a movement which seeks to politicize the territorial predicaments of its regions with the aim of protecting its regional interest. Generally, regionalism evolves on the basis of some social and cultural characteristics

like ethnicity, language, color or culture. Sometimes local leaders use this concept for achieving greater autonomy and local power especially political and economic power.



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