Ethiopian fr ambachew driver a new evidence


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Ethiopian fr ambachew driver a new evidence The rigidly established economic regime of the modern world system is excessively focused on profit, at the expense of almost everything else. This includes human life itself! If truth be told, the world of capital has never been in tune with the world of humanity. Organized capital, as a non-living construct of social existence, has no conscience, therefore does not have much respect neither for life nor the general notion of sustainability. Capital’s systemic and brutal domination of collective existence came into being after the awarding of personhood to its operational arms, namely the corporations/companies. This status of ‘legal personality’ facilitated the expansion as well as the penetration of capital into the once sacrosanct spheres of life, collective or otherwise! Today, transnational capital in its various forms; finance, industrial, etc., rule the world. The techno-sphere, which has taken over traditional labor-intensive realm, fully depends on the largess of capital. Without capital, modernity will come to a complete stop. Herein lies the problem! On one hand, capital wants continuous profit for its reproduction, by all means necessary. On the other hand, the techno-sphere, which leverages capital, has to take into consideration, at least to a large extent, the needs and desires of the larger human population. To be sure, the techno-sphere itself is also driven by obsessive self-propagation. Often times, these two objectives come to a deadly clash. We believe, the disaster that has accompanied the newer version of Boeing 737 (Max) stems from the above hardly complimentary goals! Boeing engineers could have built a very reliable equipment, had it not been for the constraints imposed (on them) by finance capital, spearheaded by the bean counters.


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