HagerePLus The dropout rate will begin on January 12 at the University of Buhariara


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 The dropout rate will begin on January 12 at the University of Buhariara.In the past years, higher education institutions have been shown to be changing from the center of knowledge and research to conflict zones. A slight build-up of student clashes with the University of Burj Khalifa is changing. Science and the Department of Science, Dr. Samuel Kelley, said that the university has left students on vacation for the time being, with efforts from the university and local leaders and the local elders. There are also students who have suffered serious damage at the university, and have been told they have been unknown.The State Department said that the university did not prove it when it was discovered that it was created. Now, the social media campaign is also promoting students for non-profit purposes.

The State Minister said that the issue of the university could be easy to deal with, but in the back of it there is a group that supports the power of the people and the people. He also warned that the cause of conflict, the student's disruptive behavior, the loss of education, the risk of human life, and the stinging of the kidneys, and even a degree of suicide, is unavailable in universities.However, recently, each minority has come to the conflict, pointing to the threat posed by students and parents, as well as the presence of students in the Borough Hora University. In the recent decision of the University Senate, the students decided to rest for the day or after the first day of school. For this reason, the University has cited the need for time to solve internal and external problems.

The state of the state, according to some parties, said the security situation is not beyond the university's capability.The State Minister said the attempt to obtain profit from the students' injuries and the return of their parents was a moral and criminal offense. In addition, Bullah Rahman stressed that the forces behind the scenes of various universities should not be discouraged and not only hurt students, but also that the movement of people should be at risk. In the process, the student and parents are also more likely to be responsible for the furthering of the negative activity that hinders the change.The Ministry has announced that it will take steps to stem the strife of ethnic minorities, the stereotyping and learning of the teaching process, along with the relevant bodies, to enforce laws and protect students' safety.




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