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Affiliation football, all the more usually known as football or soccer, is a group activity played between two groups of eleven players with a round ball. It is played by 250 million players in more than 200 nations and conditions, making it the world's most well-known game. The amusement is played on a rectangular field with an objective at each end. The protest of the amusement is to score by moving the ball past the objective line into the restricting objective.

Affiliation football is one of a group of football codes which rose up out of different ball games played worldwide since relic. The advanced amusement follows its starting points to 1863 when the Laws of the Game were initially systematized in England by The Football Association.

Players are not permitted to contact the ball with hands or arms while it is in play, put something aside for the goalkeepers inside the punishment region. Different players primarily utilize their feet to strike or pass the ball, however, may likewise utilize some other piece of their body with the exception of the hands and the arms. The group that scores most objectives before the finish of the match wins. On the off chance that the score is level toward the finish of the diversion, either a draw is pronounced or the amusement goes into additional time or a punishment shootout relying upon the arrangement of the opposition.



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