PM Abiy Ahmed's Christmas Message


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The festival of the introduction of Jesus Christ is an occasion of solidarity which marks the disintegration of detachment and enmity. It is a festival that denotes the unification of people and God, paradise and earth, soul and body, people and angles. Hence, we ought to commend this occasion by taking out partition and divisions. Regular qualifications don't separate individuals since they are the excellence marks that allowed them from the Creator. Assorted variety in sex, shading, nationality, language, thinking, point of view and more are our fortunes that affirm the insight of the omnipotent. 


Nature exists in agreement wrapped inside a decent variety. Its different segments can't remain in detachment from the others. The agreeable association is the thing that proceeds with the presence of creation. Nature comprehends the brilliant harmony among solidarity and decent variety. Christmas is an occasion that helps us to remember this brilliant equalization. 


Through the introduction of Christ, man and God, shepherd and ruler, people, youngster and senior, lion and calf associated in a trough. Their gathering in the trough depends on absolution and love. Hostility was wrecked, the division was nullified, the allegation was disposed of, retaliation was deleted in that gathering. Since they associated in that trough in solidarity, they got a history going, they were celebrated and became partakers of unceasing magnificence. 


Ethiopia is our trough of pride. Differing people group, contemplations, religions, societies, narratives, dialects, and information have made Ethiopia their regular home. All country nationalities dwelling in Ethiopia's trough are decorated with the magnificence of being Ethiopian. 


Being Ethiopian, much the same as the trough in Bethlehem is the place division, partition and ill will lose ground. There are consistently those like Herod who might attempt to pulverize Ethiopia's solidarity and endeavor to construct ill will. They are scared with the light in the trough, terrified with its magnificence, discomforted by its solidarity and pained by its adoration and harmony. 


Those having a place with Herod raise their swords to challenge this interesting adoration, solidarity, and harmony. They won't get the opportunity to meet Christ, the virgin Mary, Salome, the shepherds or the insightful men. Their swords lay on the honest offspring of Bethlehem.


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