Abbay Maleda News May 21, 2020


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Executive Abiy Ahmed's administration has been applauded for designating ladies to conspicuous positions "yet as to the snatched young ladies, in its quiet, it is abusing countless their human rights," Yared Hailemariam, chief of the Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia, said in an announcement Monday. 


"Ethiopian specialists have neglected to ensure the survivors of the snatching and to take important measures to bring them back." 


It isn't clear what number of the understudies stay hostage. The head administrator's press secretary, Nigussu Tilahun, revealed on Jan. 11 that 21 understudies from Dembi Dollo University were discharged while six stayed hostage. Be that as it may, relatives state they haven't got notification from their friends and family. 


"The last time I got notification from my little girl was a month prior. She said young people from the neighborhood them to the timberland. I don't have a clue what befallen her since," Yeneneh Adugna, who lives in Central Gondar in the Amhara district, told The Associated Press. "We are living in an anguish each day. We are crying each day. We need to know whether they are alive or dead. Nobody is giving us any data." 


The Association for Human Rights in Ethiopia says 18 college understudies, 14 of them female, were seized while getting back from college. 


Nobody has guaranteed duty regarding the kidnapping, yet Oromia provincial authorities have accused the equipped Oromo Liberation Army, which is conflicting with government powers in the Western Oromia district. The outfitted gathering has denied the allegation and said the administration itself was to be faulted for the grabbing. 


The hero of uplifting news and weakness to confront reality, AKA AbiyAhmedAli, where are you now? #BringBackOurStudents!— ???????? ?. ????? (befeqe) January 25, 2020 


It was on account of writers that the updates on 17 Dembi Dolo University understudies being hijacked arrived at the general population. Presently it's dependent upon columnists to drive the Ethiopian gov to uncover where the missing kids are. 


Fuck the "change," their lives are worth more!#BringBackOurStudents—Zecharias Zelalem (@ZekuZelalem) January 25, 2020 


Understudies are absent. The legislature isn't making a move. There is no data about them. Security is the need and essential desire that the administration MUST deliver.#BringBackOurGirls #BringBackOurStudents pic.twitter.com/lpA2nA1xfB—Hiwot Teshome (@HiwotTeshome) January 25, 2020 


College understudies are being seized by fake political entertainers in Ethiopia and AbiyAhmedAli 's administrator is encouraging the terrible wrongdoing with its activity and inactions.What great is a gov't in the event that it doesn't secure the common privileges of its citizens?#BringBackOurStudents acquittal pic.twitter.com/IOWJx9oyqj—Meàza G. (@meazaG_) January 25, 2020 


#BringBackOurStudents AbiyAhmedAli Are you still the president of #Ethiopia? I don't have the foggiest idea what you tell your 3 little girls, however they'll realize you bomb them by bombing the students.PMEthiopia Are you cooking another untruth or prepared to come clean? BilleneSeyoum—Meti Shewaye Yilma (metishewyilma) January 26, 2020 


He'll be meeting with his "siblings" to talk about a wide scope of issues. One thing that he'll not examine, address, however, is the vanishing of the snatched college understudies.


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