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There has been a rising discontent, nay escalating anger in Tigray towards PM Abiy and his government (and even perhaps towards the rest of Ethiopians) since he started going after the most corrupt, power abusing, and cruel officials of the TPLF. A fact that has instead been welcomed by the rest of Ethiopians with elation and jubilation.

Judging from the highly censored news we get from Tigray, this should neither surprise nor shock us. The Woyane propaganda machine, honed through decades of practice, is now being used to spin a narrative that is simply aimed at ensuring its own survival,

and not addressing the true grievances of the Tigrean people. And it is doing this with a cynicism rarely seen in our country, or even in Africa. Instead of asking and answering why its rotten and truculent members are being charged and brought to justice,

it is reframing the whole affair as organized persecution of the Tigrean people. Instead of addressing the question why it failed miserably in lifting up the nation out of poverty and instituting democracy, it is more than ever eager to point its accusative finger towards the PM and his reformist agenda.

Instead of kneeling down in front of the Tigrean people and all of Ethiopians to ask for forgiveness and leniency for all the abuses and cruelty it has perpetrated, it continues to brag about its illusory successes.

Not only this, but against all decency and sense of fair play, it is defying the same rules and laws of governance it has put in place to delegitimize the Prime Minister and his government.

What is even more galling is the fact that it has fallen so deep that it has reduced the whole trial on corruption and abuse as a matter of “us vs them” discourse. This, I need not say it, bodes only trouble for Ethiopia.

That the Woyane ruling cadre has come down to “tribalizing” or “ethnicizing” Dr. Abiy’s anti-corruption and anti-power abuse campaign is neither odd nor surprising. And it is not even unexpected.

A cynical party such as the TPLF would have eventually used the “ethnic” card to wiggle out of the predicament it has found itself in. And in fact it has never been in such a tight spot since it came to power.

Its Machiavellian nature has never been as alive as now; all for the sole purpose of ensuring itself a few more years of power in Tigray.



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