Ethiopian satellite television esat journalist ermeas and habtam I


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The Ethiopian Orthodox community celebrated Fasika, Ethiopian Easter on May 1. Fasika is arguably the most celebrated Holiday in the Eastern African country. After the long period of strict fasting, avoiding meat or animal products to represent Christ’s fasting for forty days and forty nights, the Orthodox community celebrated the event weeks after the Western church marked Easter. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Depriving themselves of food and drink strengthens our spirituality. Abba Hailemariam, priest at Holy Trinity church explains why they celebrate Fasika with such rigor. “Depriving themselves of food and drink strengthens our spirituality, our inner being. This gives spiritual strength. So during the period of lent, it is enriched enormously,” Hailemariam said. From Friday morning to Saturday evening, the Orthodox prayed in memory of Jesus. In Addis Ababa, parishes were flocked with faithfuls to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The religious festival quickly turns into a family celebration. After a strict period of fasting families purchase meat which is meant to be killed by the head of the family. “In order to ensure that the goat is killed by a Christian, the head of family does it. He must kill it, not necessarily the skinning. No matter what professional can

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