Please don't upset Tamagne Beyene, many are expressing their feeling


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Please don't upset Tamagne Beyene, many are expressing their feeling Global Alliance Activist Tamagne Beyene, Please don't upset Tamagne Beyene, many are expressing their feeling Possessing these qualities will help you to be a better friend, partner, student and employee. Later in life, these qualities will serve you well as a partner and as parent, or even as a boss. I have observed a lot or people and relationships, and read a lot about this topic. As a result, I have come up with 10 qualities that I believe make a good person and that all good people possess. Honesty: All relationships, whether platonic, professional or romantic, are built on trust. It is the foundation upon which all the building blocks are placed. If you feel a need to lie or be less than completely honest, clearly you are not conducting yourself in a respectable way. When a person lies, it means they know that what they did was wrong, yet they chose to do it anyway. For the most part, good people don’t to that. When they do, they own it rather than lie about it, and apologize and go to great lengths to repair the damage they may have caused. Empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of others” (Apple Dictionary). That means when someone is happy, you can share in their joy, or when someone is sad or angry, you can appreciate what they are feeling and why…even when you don’t necessarily agree with them. When everything is not about you, and you are able to show empathy, it makes you a better person. Those who show a complete lack of empathy are narcissistic and difficult people to have relationships or interact with. Loyality Are you the type of person who will stand by your employee or partner no matter what? Or are you the type that runs away as soon as the going gets tough? Are you always there for your friends and family, even when it means putting your personal business temporarily on hold? A person who is faithful to their partners, follows through with commitments and obligations, even when it is uncomfortable to do so, is loyal and desirable.


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