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A significant number of the most current and brightest youthful craftsmen on the Ethiopian workmanship scene have completely grasped painting from the Ethiopian point of view; resuscitating it and changing their canvases into uncommon works of ability and ability Almost all outstanding Ethiopian specialists went through the entryways of Alle School of Fine Arts and Design - the main craftsmanship school in Ethiopia, and one of East Africa's most established. You just need to experience the profiles of the craftsman's highlighted on our site to get the substance. Established in 1958 by Alle Felegeselam, one of Ethiopia's unmistakable specialists, Alle School of Fine Arts and Design has without any help created prominent craftsmen and has added to the Ethiopian and African craftsmanship network for over five decades.


The military exploits of Fidel Castro-led Cuba continues to divide opinions between Ethiopians and Somalis on the day Castro died in Havana, aged 90. In February 1977, Castro okayed the deployment of 1000s of soldiers under the leadership of one General Arnaldo Ochoa to help Ethiopia in a war against neighboring Somalia. The troops went to support the regime under Mengistu Haile Mariam to annex the Ogaden region. Haile Mariam, who was the leader of the Communist military junta, was later shown in a famous photo with Castro after Cuban troops successfully defeated the Somali Army. displayAdvert("mpu_3") Many Somalis blame Fidel Castro and the 15,000 Cuban soldiers he sent to reinforce Ethiopian troops during the War for Ogaden in 1977 for being the catalyst that destroyed the hope for "Somali-weyn" or Greater Somalia. Ex-#Ethiopia dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam ® celebrating alongside Raul & Fidel Castro after #Cuba troops defeated #Somalia Army in 1977— Live From Mogadishu (@Daudoo) November 26, 2016 Somalia at the time, albeit allies of Ethioipia believed they were winning the war but forcefully surrendered the Ogaden plateau to the 17,000 Cuban soldiers. ‘‘Many Somalis blame Fidel Castro and the 15,000 Cuban soldiers he sent to reinforce Ethiopian troops during the

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