AnimalLifeBlog The Federal Prosecutor General said that in the first five months of this year, about


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The Federal Prosecutor General said that in the first five months of this year, about 800 human trafficking crimes have been completely violated.Public Relations and Communication Affairs Director General, Jannabu Touu, said the day since the adoption of the law, many individuals have benefited. The proclamation has been used to appease individuals who have committed crimes before May 30, 2010. According to them, the case has been investigated, investigations have been initiated and decisions have been reached by the detainees. As of December 12, 2011, the criminal prosecution filed a criminal record of 800 individuals arrested by the Federal Attorney General.Only Mercy certificates are given on the site, and only 71 of them are listed. Most of the cases in Mercy's case have been completely canceled, according to Za'baubu: 250 people in jail were demolished. The report said that the proclamation was included in the Defense Forces and regional states, and said the information was being finalized.

Yohannaw said the application for registration was invalid and the registration was rejected.The prosecutor has stated that the prosecution has been handed over to those who have been detained, arrested, arrested and charged. It also suggested that you accept the Mercy certificate in person or in any way by email, fax and other electronic applications. According to the Federal Attorney General's Office, Ethiopians and Ethiopian Diaspora Ethiopians are benefiting from the Proclamation. According to the prosecution, the convicted person who has been abducted will not be re-admitted to the case.Beginning on July 13, 2011, the Proclamation for the Six Months of Procedure has called for a online or in-person certification application because it has one month to complete the process. The ruling has indicated that the deadline for a deadline will be extended or can not be extended.




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