Berikti's role on her new Ethiopian movie


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Let me center around the Ethiopian case and ask, why schools, networks, or the general population, don't offer Ethiopian dialects other than the one they are needed to educate by law? The more I consider it, the less I can concoct a sensible answer. Budgetary restrictions are one significant explanation, however, that may be persuading in government-funded schools. Tuition based schools can stand to do as such. 


I will take this somewhat further and inquire as to for what reason are there no semantic foundations? For college research, yet to be gotten to by the general population. The Oromo Cultural Center is a positive development yet we need a spot where we record the entirety of our dialects and show them like the valuable diamonds they really are. Dialects are doors to culture, and as a various nation with so a considerable lot of them, it is just legitimate we become acquainted with one another by addressing one another, no? 


This may all stable unrealistic yet it truly isn't. Protecting one's way of life is a weight that is continually on the shoulders of the youthful age, one we can't getaway. As the regular saying goes, reveal to me where you originate from and I will disclose to you where you are going. In the event that we really esteem how and what we talk about, at that point we will genuinely think about putting resources into keeping them.

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