Sad news from UAE about Ethiopian maid


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The cash was the total of a store committed to the premiums of Ethiopian local specialists grieving in Lebanon. The entirety was amassed through pledge drives at network occasions, just as private gifts by individuals from the network and strict associations throughout 10 years. At the point when scores of Ethiopians fled Lebanon's 2006 political insecurity and military clash, the cash was moved from Beirut to Jeddah, depended on Ambassador Tekleab Kebede to protect it until Lebanon had balanced out and the network could be modified. 


In any case, the cash stayed away forever, the Saudi based Ethiopian department hasn't made any notice of it, and requests by individuals from the network in Lebanon have gone unanswered. Ethiopians in Lebanon knew that the cash was moved to Jeddah however weren't at any point informed or counseled about what befell it next. Plans to utilize it for worthy missions identified with transient specialists went up in smoke. 


Transient specialists in Lebanon aren't ensured by that nation's work law. Under the standardized "kafala" framework, Ethiopian household laborers are come up short on, frequently abused, or killed by their bosses. Overpowered with the number of Ethiopian ladies hospitalized in the wake of hopping off the galleries of tall structures to get away from oppressive Lebanese businesses, network pioneers opened the record with the objective of requesting open assistance to pay their clinical charges. The cash was likewise assigned for taking care of costs identified with the conveying of assortments of expired servants to their families in Ethiopia for entombment. 


It was beginning in 2005 that cash having a place with the Ethiopian people group and Ethiopian office in Beirut started to be moved to the Ethiopian office in Jeddah. The people group was settled on mindful of the choice before the exchange of advantages for financial balances having a place with the department in Jeddah.


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