How To Repair A Corrupted SD Card or USB Flash Drive


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Damaged or corrupted memory card or flash drive Use these steps to reuse. # Note: The files on the damaged or corrupted memory card They are doomed! Step 1: Plug the memory card into your computer's USB port. Step 2: Then log in to my computer and check that the computer has read the memory card. Step 3: Then press the Start button, type cmd and press Enter. Step 4: In the Command prompt, type DISKPART and press OK. Step 5: Then type list disk there and see the options available. Step 6: In the options that come up, you will get the memory card with the number. Step 7: Then select select disk (disk_number) and press Enter. Step 8: Then type clear and press Enter. Step 9: Then create create partition primary and press Enter. Step 10: Then type active and press Enter. Step11: Then format fs = fat32 Type and press Enter. Step 12: The computer will then format the memory card. Click on the image supported tutorial image for more information


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