The further of Ethiopia by Dr Alemayehu Wase


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The ascent of the Shewan Solomonics had been gone before by a recovery of asceticism in the Amhara zones, and the priests had an uneasy association with the new tradition. The older ones among them censured the tradition's routine with regards to polygyny, and not until the point that the late fourteenth century was the contention settled, the illustrious court prevailing upon the priests with rich awards of land. Different clashes additionally emerged. The priest Ewostatewos (c. 1273– 1352) lectured disengagement from ruining state impacts and arrival to scriptural lessons—including recognition of the Judaic Sabbath on Saturday notwithstanding the Sunday recognition, a thought evidently as of now generally diffused in Ethiopia


Ethiopia’s defence minister has told journalists that the state of emergency declared yesterday will last six months. The country’s Council of Ministers declared a state of emergency barely 24 hours after the resignation of the prime minister, Hailemariam Desalegn. The council “came to the conclusion that imposing emergency rule would be vital to safeguarding the constitutional order of our country”. displayAdvert("mpu_3") There are still pockets of areas where violence is prevalent. The council were unanimous in their decision. ‘‘There are still pockets of areas where violence is prevalent. The council (ruling EPRDF coalition) were unanimous in their decision,’‘ the defence minister Siraj Fegessa said. An opposition politician, Bekela Gerba, who was recently released from prison by the authorities told VOA Amharic that he doesn’t think that the state of emergency will get the support of legislators from Amhara National Democratic Movement and Oromo Peoples’ Democratic Organization. The decree is expected to be tabled to the national parliament within 15 days. The previous state of emergency was endorsed by the parliament. The defence minister said the state of emergency includes a ban on protests and publications that incite violence. State media are expected to provide all the details later

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