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Honest Hearts - The Perfect Publisher made his father a server

Tens of thousands of protesters have flooded the streets of Gonder in the Amhara region of northern Ethiopia on Sunday demanding a change of government due to the unfair distribution of wealth in the country. The protest, reported to have been staged in defiance of a government order, is also in solidarity with the Oromia protests held between November last year to March 2016 in opposition to a government development plan in the region which could affect poor farmers. Images posted by protesters and other eye witnesses on social media show hundreds of thousands of people carrying Ethiopian flags and placards singing and chanting against the government’s regime. Another view of huge #AmharaProtests demonstrations in #Gondar pic.twitter.com/DbJs7GCGa7— Mpengwe P. (@Mpengwe) July 31, 2016 Some placards demanded the release of arrested activists during the Oromia protests while other protesters made the Crossed Arms Resistance gesture which was common during the Oromia protests. Salute of solidarity from the #AmharaProtests to the #OromoProtests Truly unsarcastic use of #EthiopiaRising here. pic.twitter.com/4uEWY4QdZR— Zecharias Zelalem (@ZekuZelalem) July 31, 2016 Some videos show the protest to be peaceful and so far no violence has been reported. The regime in #Ethiopia has pressure in

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