Must Watch Mufti Hajji Omar Idris’s Mawlid Message


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Jawar Mohammed is one of the most compelling Ethiopians of the only remaining century. He and I cooperated for almost four years somewhere in the range of 2012 and 2016, since the Muslim fights. We concede to various issues. We likewise differ on various issues – and this is open information. Be that as it may, Jawar is considerable, and I have consistently accepted that he is an incredible resource for the Oromo open. 


What happened today is disrupting and wild. My inquiry to Ethiopian specialists is this: for what reason would you expel the security subtleties of a person with an unmistakable security need at 2 AM? For what reason would the state need to act in the front of obscurity when you are the state and could do as such during the 12-13 hours of sunshine? 


Teddy Afro expends exceptional space ever of music. At an energetic age of 39, he has adequately earned the status of legend inside the Ethiopian social order and the people who know and recognize Ethiopian music. By western benchmarks, 39 is considered over the incline with respect to vocalists and stars inside news sources. In any case, in Ethiopia, where music is focused on as some buna (coffee) and dearest as much as a gursha (a snack of injera) from our people, specialists need to encounter numerous long periods of duty and continue on through the rigors of singing at smoke-filled scenes before they win the refinement of being known as a melodic legend. 


Teddy Afro has done in less than two decades what most vocalists have not had the choice to accomplish in their lifetime. With respect to Ethiopian music, there are two names–Tilahun and Mahmoud and a few craftsmen like Kuku Sebsebe, Muluken Melessee, Aster Aweke and maybe two more who are undisputed legends. There is one thing that these vocalists share in every way that really matters; they have experienced more than 40 years in the music business and have earned a level of adoration through diligence and lucidness. They in like manner encountered the challenges of looking for after a calling that was once removed as despicable and disgraceful of the elites. To be called an "azmari"– a once critical held for craftsmen was to be decreased to the lower rungs of society.

Must Watch

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