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Born in the African nation in 1892, Emperor has topped emperor in 1930 however exiled throughout war II once leading the resistance to the Italian invasion. He was reinstated in 1941 and sought-after to modernize the country over consequent few decades through social, economic and academic reforms. He dominated till 1974, once famine, state, and political opposition forced him from the workplace. Upon the death of Menilek in 1913, his grandchild, Lij Yasu, succeeded to (gained) the throne. Yasu's apparent conversion to the faith of Islam alienated the national Christian church and gave its choose to the opposition movement LED by Ras Tafari (as Emperor was currently named). The movement joined noblemen and High Anglican Church officers in removal Yasu of the throne in 1916. Zawditu, the girl of Menilek, then became Emperor, with Ras Tafari appointed regent (acting ruler whereas the Emperor was away) and heir to the throne.


The Addis Ababa tramway is one of the few examples of urban public transport infrastructure in a continent where public transport system is severally constrained. But 14 months after it was inaugurated, the tramway is struggling to match user expectations. Problems with the design of the route, abnormally fast wear and tear resulting in breakdowns and delays has not unblocked the streets of the Ethiopian capital. displayAdvert("mpu_3") And despite offering a slightly advantageous tariff on long journeys, the network of constantly overloaded private minibuses still remains the only option for majority of the inhabitants. Zerayakob Assefa, a retired man, is waiting for the train which is supposed to take him to the eastern suburbs. But when the tram finally arrives, 15 minutes later, it is so crowded that he can not get on board. Assefa is nevertheless positive and says the tram, “is better than nothing”. Further on, an exasperated passenger escapes from a packed car, then lashes out: “I will never take it again.” Inaugurated in September 2015 and largely financed by Chinese funds, the first modern sub-Saharan tramway was build to help de-congest the capital of the continent’s second most populous country. The project has already attracted the attention

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