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Going somewhat further, a straightforward political figure Yilkal Getahun (Eng.), Chairman of the Ethiopian National Movement Party (ENMP), expels the 'Medmer Philosophy' which he rather marks as a "juvenile and Childish" reasoning. 


"There is no philosophy named Medemer or something near it on the planet," Yilkal said including that he even was gotten off guard PM Abiy, on his state visit to Tokyo, discussed it with the Japanese President a month ago. 


"I couldn't consider it to be a solid and significant way of thinking, in regard to political way of thinking. Taking a gander at the profundity and multifaceted nature of the difficulties in the nation, I don't see the decision party skilled enough to determine the nation's agonizing issues using any and all means, not to mention utilizing such sorts of youthful and immature way of thinking for sure so ever and so on," Yilkal revealed to The Reporter. 


Taking note of the positives it has, Wasihun Tesfaye, Party Affairs Director at the as of late brought together, the Ethiopian Citizen's Social Justice Party (ECSJ), acknowledges the general concept of Medemer. Be that as it may, he additionally shares the comparable inquiries raised by the two chiefs of the ideological group's with respect to the authenticity of this less comprehended way of thinking to be considered government's way of thinking and be exhibited before the lawmaking body. 


"This way of thinking can be found in compliance with common decency in which the PM has carried to fore with a point of guaranteeing solidarity and harmonization among our kin. Be that as it may, it has not yet been well-characterized. Regardless of whether on the off chance that it is the decision gathering's philosophy or the belief system of his gathering, the Oromo Democratic Party (ODP)?" He said to The Reporter including that, it ought to have not been incorporated into the president's discourse as though it is core value of the Ethiopian government.


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