Bule Hora University Amhara Students Demonstration In Bahir Dar


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After EPRDF expected power in 1991 following the progress time frame, the Sidama country has been conceded its territorial self-organization for the short timeframe according to the constitution; just Gedeo and Burji consolidated to it. Be that as it may, this was possibly brief when out of the blue beforehand 5 particular districts of the south were combined all without counseling the Sidama individuals and others concerned.

Sidama country was compellingly amalgamated to be one of the zones of the Southern Nations and Nationalities and People's Regional State (SNNPR). Such illicit, undemocratic and commanding amalgamation (marriage), closed without the assent of the Sidama People with various countries and nationalities, is abstract a false marriage. In reality, the development of "SNNPR" is conflicting with FDRE's constitution, as there is no premise at all to irregularity the Sidama individuals together with 55 or so altogether different ethnic gatherings. Since the foundation of SNNPR, the Sidama individuals were requesting protected submission to self-oversee and direct itself with statehood structure. Still the Sidama country has proceeded with their mission with most extreme valor, valiance, and steadfast solidarity. In such manner, the National Election Board is quiet and not reacting to embrace the submission as indicated by the one year established time structure that started about a large portion of a-year prior (in July 2018) after individuals from the Sidama zone chamber endorsed consistently (for the second time) a demand by the Sidama individuals for territorial statehood.

This article further examines the idea of the Sidama individuals' battle for self-assurance and the battle against the constrained marriage before the last choice is held. It additionally examines the effects of the quietness of the national decision leading group of Ethiopia and the central government's hesitance to help encourage the sacred privileges of the Sidama individuals. To this end, this article proposes that there ought to be a snappy move to gently, fairly and legitimately separate from the Sidama zone from the current false marriage and frame the Sidama provincial state as the tenth Regional State of the Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.



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