A strong and strong government that can answer the public's demands will be when the real taxpayer c


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A strong and strong government that can answer the public's demands will be when the real taxpayer comes up - Ato Machar. Oromia State Chief of the Oromia State, Ato Ma Misassa said that the public will be able to answer the question of honest taxpayers. The Prime Minister made a speech at the GERD in the Oromia Regional State. Ato Yew said that if any development needs were answered, tax would need to be properly collected. The subject that asks us to defend our obligations is the talk of the administration. He said that if the government did not properly collect taxes, it would not be possible to return to the state's development needs and be strong. Ato Makhakim stressed that the taxpayers should not be forced to pay taxes, but they are willing to contribute to the development of the country. The Movement also said that the Movement should be mobilized to collect more information. The Oromia Revenue Authority (ERCA) disclosed that it has now reached over 19 billion birr from 600 million birr last year. However, the majority of this revenue is collected from workers, indicating that there are still remaining jobs in the region. All stakeholders are expected to work harder to raise the tax revenue and respond to the development needs of the people. It has participated more than 1, 000 guests on this round of tax evasion. The one-year tax campaign launches process is under the motto: "I am leaving my license and asking for my rights." According to the Oromia Revenue Authority's Director-General, it is expected that the tax will be in all Oromia Zones, Woredas and Cities. He said the aim is to enable tax revenue collection and tax collection to increase the income of the region. It is planned to collect 18.5 billion birr in 2011/12 from the Oromia regional state, he said. Of the total, 15 billion birr is regular and 3.5 billion were prepared in the preparation of the plan. As a result, the 20.5 percent increase in regular income shows a 15 percent increase in municipal income.


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